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Mita Noriaki Gagaku Academy

Japanese Traditional Dance

BUGAKU Workshop

  Japanese “Gagaku” has not only music performance but also dance performance that is called “Bugaku”.

  Most of dance numbers of Bugaku were imported from ancient Asian countries more than 1000 years ago and they have been handed down only in Japan.

  It means that Bugaku has been including the ancient movements of Asia. The movement of Bugaku looks ‘simple’ at a glance, but, in fact, is the very refined body art that the minute movement using the muscle of the deep part of the body is repeated. Therefore, in late years people of dancing of various fields are paying attention to movement of Bugaku.

  We have held a lot of “Bugaku Workshops” in the activities named "GAGAKU, returning to Asia" project. From now on we hope to make various opportunities to show and to share Bugaku more widely to the people all over the world.

Bugaku workshop
Bugaku workshop
Bugaku "Genjo-raku"
Bugaku "Bato"
Bugaku "Ranryo-oh"
Ranryo-oh workshop
Ranryo-oh workshop
Bugaku "Totenraku"
Bugaku workshop
Bugaku "Nasori"
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